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  • Loggia Conservatory

    At Adwalton Windows we can create your dream Conservatory which will add that space you always wanted to your home.

    Or if you want to be unique add a bespoke Loggia to your home.

    With the light filling Glass Roof and stunning Liv-in-Room pelmet pack, you can really enjoy life and relax, both through the day and the night.

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    PVCu Door or Composite, both door ranges offer a multipoint YALE locking mechanism.

    Our collection of PVCu Doors are of the highest possible quality with a range of designs to suit all tastes.

    With our broad variety of Composite Doors, you are guaranteed to find the one you have been looking for.

  • Fascias, Soffits and Guttering

    Are your fascias, soffits and guttering constantly becoming damaged due to the British weather?

    Well addressing this problem is vital as they play a key part in keeping the roofline of you home complete and water tight. It is best to tackle the problem straight away.

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 save up to £766 per year on your home heating bills!


How it works?

1) Warm edge spacers: Intercept
2) Pilkington Glass
3) Q-Lon Weatherseals
4) Multi-Chambered Construction
5) Thermal Re-inforcing

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Triple Glazing - Count your savings

If you demand a truly exceptional glazing performance, Adwalton triple glazing simply stands apart. Now you can specify superior thermal insulation and noise reduction in any frame of your choice. Our advanced triple-glazed units are engineered to give you a comfortable, secure, quiet, energy efficient home.

60% more efficient than C-Rated - 40% more efficient than A-Rated

With home heating bills continuing to rise, interest in energy saving home improvement products is increasing and combined with the advancement of glazing technology, Triple Glazing is becoming an increasingly popular option for many homeowners.

Over a 20 year period, triple glazing a typical home could result in energy savings with over £14,000 and 94 tonnes of CO 2 .

Triple glazing provides higher energy performance and acoustic, noise reduction. Adwalton PVCu triple glazed windows and doors also have additional benefits which are detailed below.

The Benefits of Triple Glazing

Firstly, the glass unit is made up of 3 (triple) layers of 4mm glass, these are seperated by 12mm cavities that are filled with 95% Argon Gas. The Argon Gas is used as it is denser than air and as a result provides a more effective cold barrier between the panes. All this is then surrounded with 2 layers of 'warm edge' spacers which seal the glass together. The benefits of the warm edge spacer is that it too provides a cold bridge barrier which ensures the inner pane of glass is warmer than the outside. The overall thickness of the Adwalton triple glazed units are 36mm.

Energy performance - Adwalton triple glazing uses Pilkington glass which ensures you have the very best in glass technology and performance. Triple glazing will provide up to 40% greater thermal efficency than a standard 'A' Rated double glazed unit, and 60% more than a 'C' Rated double glazed unit. Therefore, by investing in PVCu triple glazing for your replacement windows, you could reduce your home energy bills even further.

According to the GGF Energy Saving Calculator double glazed 'A' Rated windows will save you approximately £7,400 in energy bills and 23 tonnes of Carbon over 20 years, with triple glazing being at least 40% more efficient, the savings are going to be considerably higher.

Noise reduction - Wheather you live near a major road, under a flight path or near some vocal wildlife, noise pollution can be a cause of major disruption.

As well as 2 Argon Gas filled spaces sandwiching the extra glass pane, triple glazing features an additional 12mm cavity. The insulation coupled with our high performance warm edge spacer allows Adwalton triple glazed units to dramatically reduce external noise pollution.

Furthermore, all Adwalton windows and doors are supplied with our innovative and high performing Q-lon weatherseal. The Q-lon incorporates a foam core which not only allows for easier operation and closing forces but also absorbs noise, particularly when compared to ridgid weatherseal gaskets.

Thermal Construction - In addition to the triple glazing glass technology, all Adwalton windows are manufactured using composite reinforcements. These not only provide strength and ridgitity to aid security, but also improve the thermal performance of the frames, all designed to give you the best performing window system.

Triple Glazing

Adwalton Windows -           Triple Glazing Guide for the homeowner 2014